Premium Economy Class

With more comfort, time flies by!

Premium Economy Class? – What’s that?

Premium Economy Class is an extension of the Economy Class, which is often referred to colloquially as “Cattle Class”. Many airlines have introduced “Premium Economy” as a new, extra class that makes a bridge between Business Class and Economy. It gives passengers the option to upgrade from Economy Class without the fear of high prices.

Among passengers there is a demand for more space and more comfort. Many guests simply do not enjoy sitting in cattle class anymore. As a Premium Economy passenger, not only will you have a seat with more space, but you will also benefit from a range of other perks, such as additional carry-on luggage and a greater weight allowance for checked-in luggage…

…as well as other comfort features including priority boarding. Premium Economy passengers also benefit from improved onboard services often including a wider range of culinary specialities. Let us summarize the advantages of Premium Economy Class for you, below.

7 reasons to choose Premium Economy Class

  • Relaxing & comfortable seats

    In Premium Economy, you WILL enjoy more legroom. Airlines install seats that are more comfortable, which also have additional benefits such as height-adjustable footrests, side-folding headrests and all have access to additional pillows.

  • Outstanding food & drinks

    The Premium Economy seating option provides a more diverse food and drink service. Some airlines have some great surprises with their frequently changing food and wine options.

  • Extra hand luggage

    Many airlines allow passengers to board with extra carry-on luggage. Depending on the airline, this can be by way of extra weight allowance or by increasing the allowed dimensions. This is especially useful on long-haul flights, where access to our creature comforts is a must… Additional distractions for children, more books and space for a tablet are essential for making time fly!

  • Greater checked baggage allowance

    Who wouldn`t like to take more luggage with them on vacation, or return with more baggage full of gifts and personal shopping! Extra baggage allowance is really worthwhile for when you travel to countries that have many brands cheaper than can be found at home. In some cases, the extra baggage in Premium economy really can pay for itself!

  • Seat reservation is included

    Premium rates equate to greater service. For this reason, many airlines offer free seat reservations for those passengers paying more for a premium economy seat. When comparing prices, pay attention to all the additional services that are included, and see how in most cases, pre-purchasing Premium Economy Class works out much cheaper than purchasing Economy and adding on all the upgrades at the airport!

  • Speedy Boarding & disembarkation

    As a premium passenger, you will enjoy preferential treatment when boarding and disembarking. Often eliminating the annoying bumping and jostling encountered when getting on and off of the aircraft. Priority boarding virtually guarantees that your carry-on will have its own space in the overhead lockers above your seat so that you don´t have to leave your belongings in the overhead bins somewhere else on board.

  • Extra Miles

    Pretty self explanatory! With Premium Economy you will be earning extra miles per Dollar / Pound spent. These miles can be redeemed for new flights, upgrades and other services such as lounge access, reduced hotel rates and airport transfers.